Asset Tracking



Improve visibility of assets in the supply chain
Streamline asset related business processes
Reduce labor cost and human error
Reduce theft and improve rental utilization

Fleet VehiclesonPoint GPS Tracking & Fleet Management is a complete Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management professional solution, designed to control your fleet’s activities. Your assets are not forgotten and onPoint is prepared to provide you with the solutions to track and monitor your valuable assets, too.

Some companies need not only to control their vehicles, but also other valuable assets, such as containers, swap bodies or freight trailers. Usually these assets rely on an attached vehicle to communicate their location, through the vehicle’s GPS tracker. However, when you need to control these assets on their own, often there is no external power sources available.

For this situation, onPoint GPS Tracking uses autonomous GPS asset trackers, with high capacity batteries, allowing them to work for long periods of time without external power (up to 8 years at 1 position per day). Data is transmitted by cellular modem to onPoint's back-end servers. You can use onPoint GPS Tracking to have a complete view of where your assets are in an easy to use map view. You can also create alarms and reports and view the devices’ batteries status. It's really that easy!