Fleet Management


 You can track your entire fleet  24 hours a day
GPS position updates as often as every 30 seconds
Configure reports to be sent automatically by email
Instant alert notifications within seconds of occuring

Fleet VehiclesonPoint GPS Tracking and Fleet Management is a professional tool for GPS Fleet Management. A small GPS Tracking device that contains a GPS receiver and cellular data module is installed into each of your fleet vehicles. This gives fleet managers the ability to oversee the entire fleet's movements: Where everyone is, how long they've been there, when they departed their last stop, if and for how long the vehicle has been idle and much more.

With onPoint GPS Tracking & Fleet Management you can track all the vehicles in your fleet, 24 hours a day, with GPS positions and sensor data being received every 30 seconds. Data collected from these tracking devices is processed by onPoint GPS Tracking & Fleet Management's servers, generating rich, simple and useful reports. Those reports can be sent to the customer automatically by email, therefore ensuring that useful information is delivered to the right person at the right time. Alert situations are also immediately detected and can be reported by email. All you need to access onPoint GPS Tracking & Fleet Management is an internet connection and a web browser. At the office, at home or anywhere else. No software to download or install.